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The journey is worth it. 

Small Business
Growing Pains

Helping small business think like big business. 



Driven by a passion for life, a love for God, and a desire to be in control of my own destiny. That is where I started. After Raising a family, and being a father and husband, I put all my efforts into doing business, building things, music, and generally just learning. I started in 1979 working for my Father in Law, running a small business. We did anything we could just to survive. Good times. Then, working for a large fleet company, I saw all the workings of a bigger business. And learned from one of the best, a former UPS fleet manager, that brought many of the big thinking that UPS stood for to us. Once the move came to Wa. State, I dove in. All in on my own business. Doing it my way!! I learned from so many other good people, I feel blessed to have known. One, a Olympic Ski athlete, others who ran larger operations, but where humble and willing to share, and teach. All leading to this. Small Business Growing Pains. 

As your business grows, you will endure some pain, some unavoidable, some self inflicted.

My passion is to help Smaller businesses to find there identity, learn a grow. To fulfill a vision that may have been gestating for years.  In business, there are what I teach, 3 legs to success. Technical, People, and Business. Very few of us are great at all three. You need some help, in some area. That is where I come in. Lets figure this out together. 


How I Can Help You

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